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Breadcrumbs to Success

I attended a great personal development event a few weeks ago and left with several lessons that are great for all areas of life including professional endeavors.

Success Leaves Clues  –Nick Suino

Thank goodness we’re not having to start from scratch.  The business owners and managers before us have left clues so find them and use them!  One of my clients checks in with other business owners when he’s curious how they tackle an issue and he’s gotten great results from implementing some of the strategies.  He’s not afraid to tweak them to be a better fit for his business and that is the biggest lesson.  Get the golden nuggets, tweak as needed, take action for your business.

Take Frequent, Consistent Action Every Day   –Don Prior

We all know this and still many of us resist and try to find the work-around. Stillness also has value but prolonged stillness makes you stuck. Progress counts even when it’s small.  The cumulative effect of frequent, consistent action is HUGE.  The best part?  They turn into productive patterns and when you consistently execute productive patterns, the benefits are exponential.  What if you were regularly working out, going on weekly dates with your significant other, and making time to read each day?  Executing one of those patterns is impactful, executing all of them in the same time period is life-changing. The same effect could be had in business when all your leadership team members are executing productive patterns.  It begins with frequent, consistent action every day.

You have to start making progress before you fix things    -Hassan Hodges

The illusive instant fix. Many a night is spent dreaming of these or wishing on a magic wand.  When people have a few productive patterns going and feel confident, solutions pour in.  A sign of confidence is a head held high and you know what else happens when our eyes are up?  We see more options and opportunities.  When our heads are hung, we see the ground and our feet and perhaps a cute dog now and then. Not a tremendous amount of options or opportunities in that field of vision.  It’s important to acknowledge and celebrate progress; too often we overlook it or label it insignificant. Take a look back and you’ll see just how much the advancement matters and how much more can be done.  Goals will shift from being small and tactical to large, solution-oriented, and strategic. But the smaller accomplishments had to happen first.  Start and solutions will come.

Here are some great resources from the folks who gave us the quotes above.

With that I’ll leave you with this quote from Nick Suino:

“If you live the kind of life where you protect yourself from failure, you won’t succeed as much as you can. “

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