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You’re a business owner or manager who’s caught in the middle of a people-and-communication issue

I can help you fix it.

Maybe you run an office, team or project and have a classic people-and-communication problem. To do your job right, you’ve got to work with other people who might include partners, bosses, the folks you manage, and of course, those customers. Whew!!


You’re the one in the middle — and there’s the rub. Maybe you’re having a heckuva time talking to your boss or you are the boss and are struggling to get your staff to execute.  You might need to take direction from the higher-ups and translate that into action with your team. Maybe you want more customer referrals — but no matter what you try, it’s not working.

You may find yourself caught between a rock and a hard place, yet you remain hopeful. It may feel like you’re under fire from all directions and you’re not wrong about that. Yes, you’re frustrated. And yes, you want to do better. 

This is where I come in.

Pleased to meet you – I’m Bridget.

I partner with managers and entrepreneurs whose success and effectiveness are caught in the middle of a people-and-communication issue. I specialize in helping my clients figure out what they need to say and do differently to get the results they’re after. Because people-and-communication issues are normal in business. But those who take the time to handle these issues will always outlast, outplay, and outperform those who don’t.

Contact me for team training and speaking engagements.

In addition to my work with private clients, I speak to groups and lead team training workshops on a variety of topics including: engaging leadership that gets results, effective communication in tough situations, creating & preserving solid relationships.  My approach is light-hearted while practical because what’s the point of professional development if you can’t use it.

The first step-a Consultation.

We’ll take 30-45 minutes so you can get familiar with me and my process while I listen to your thoughts and concerns.  Please call me at 734-276-4328 or email me at to get started.

Second Step-Join my email list.