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The Sexy Side of Systems—Take a Peek!

A tailored suit with a warm smile.

Sustained eye contact with a thoughtful response.

A timeless jacket and purposeful stride.

A firm handshake with a personal greeting.

Someone who lights up a room while being approachable.

Confidence is sexy.

Systems remove chaos because they provide repeatable processes that form a stable foundation. Confidence grows when we know what to expect and feel like the ground is solid beneath us. Chaos is like bead-head, morning breath, and rumpled clothes—not super sexy.

What do you want your business associates and clients to feel when they’re around you?

Maybe this is where ‘sexy’ ends and appealing begins. You want people to feel confident about you and your abilities because that’s what keeps them coming back. It’s great to be around others who genuinely want to be a part of what we’re doing whether it’s as a life partner, employee, or client and the systems we implement are a big part of this. The best news is that we can shift our focus to other important things once our systems are humming along nicely. Communication is the big one that comes to mind.

Effective systems support direct and open communication because they provide a common foundation that everyone understands.

We all must renew our license plates each year as part of the system for owning a car. The renewal notice doesn’t explain the necessities or benefits of the system each time because it’s part of driver’s education. Communication about any changes or new features can be direct which is really what we care about. If we hadn’t learned the system in driver’s ed, there would be a lengthy explanation each time and we’d probably miss changes that are important—if we even recognized what changed. This problem would be compounded if the process was vastly different each time.

Our brains can only take-in a certain amount of information at a time.

Having a repeatable system makes us confident we’ll know what to do and that we’ll recognize anything out of the ordinary. Our brains will absorb new information more quickly and we’ll be able to take action appropriately. It also makes it easier for us when we need to do the communicating because we can draw attention to what’s most important without having to explain the whole process. No one wants to do a ton of explaining because the good stuff gets lost and it’s draining. Systems help everyone bypass the basics and head right to the changes which helps us learn and identify issues quicker.

Bypassing the basics also allows us more energy to focus on the approach and tone of our communication.

When we’re bogged down with lengthy verbiage, we can’t focus on anything beyond dumping the information onto another person. Systems give us an opportunity to consider the environment, methods, and tone of our message which boost our confidence and should promote quicker understanding and adoption. When we receive concise messages delivered with a thoughtful approach, we have enough resources to give ample consideration and limit knee-jerk reactions. When folks have just been given a boatload of information, they can get overwhelmed and have poor reactions. Tone, environment, word choice, and method all matter a LOT and can be the difference between success and failure. Having a solid foundation of systems means there are resources for more than just the information.

Do you want to show up in your life with morning breath and bead head or a calm confidence?

Systems can help you ease the chaos and communicate confidently.

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