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The MacGyver Mindset-Optimism in Action

It’s all about an optimistic outlook: believe you’ll figure things out and don’t dwell on your disadvantages. Being optimistic allows for more possibilities and then it’s all about math—the greater number of possibilities means a greater chance for positive outcomes. So how can you get started?

Open Up

We all get stuck in ruts and one way to change your trajectory is to open up. Open up physically by offering more hugs or taking a good-morning stretch from your piggy toes to the tips of your fingers. Expanding the body literally opens us up and releases good feelings which can lead to more optimism.  Open up verbally by saying yes for one day as much as possible—especially if your rut involves a lot of no. Saying no can be a defensive habit so begin small by saying yes in one area like dinner.  If your kids want McDonald’s one night say yes and notice the change in them and yourself. I’m not suggesting to say yes to everything all the time (hello, boundaries!) but check yourself now and then to make sure you’re not defaulting to no automatically. Opening up feels weird at first so trust that you’ll figure it out.

Leave Love Notes

Leave love notes to yourself around your home and office until a reliable positive pattern is created.  What in the heck are you talking about, Bridget?! We all need reminders especially when we’re trying to form new patterns in our behavior and mindset. Write your optimism goals on index cards and put them where you are most often throughout your day. I recently heard speaker Michael Jeffreys say it like this, “Give yourself opportunities to bump into your goals!”. I’ve done this for years and I often use different color markers or note cards to draw my eye to them and fight acclimation. Change the cards appearance and/or placement every week until you’ve made the goal a reliable, recurring part of your day.  We all get into daily routines—some productive, some not so much. Shake it up and incorporate optimism into your daily patterns!

Simply Start

Action Cures Fear—so says my Passion Planner® and there’s some truth to this.  MacGyver was too busy to be scared and we can also use this strategy to bring more optimism into our lives. The more we analyze, think, and talk about doing things the more we allow stories to grow in our minds and outside influences to affect our goals.  Simply Start—Go!—Just Do It®.  Action cures fears and leads to clarity that you simply cannot get by being in your head or having conversations. We build things up in our minds and then our negative voice or concerned loves ones enter the picture and we never start. This inaction sucks the optimism out of us because in these moments we give into self doubt, fear, and others’ expectations.  Start and make adjustments as necessary.  Adjustments are not signs of failure they are signs of intelligence, adaptability, and gumption. Once we begin it’s easier to keep going and the more we adjust, the more we move forward; and the more we move forward, the more our confidence grows.  It’s hard to dwell on disadvantages when we’re making progress and confidence strengthens our belief in ourselves!  The MacGyver Mindset.

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