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Getting Unstuck-3 Helpful Hacks


doing the unstuck

The Cure have a song, Doing the Unstuck, and it’s one of my favorites because it jump-starts my brain when I feel like I’m buried neck-deep in fear and procrastination.

We all get stuck

SURPRISE! I get stuck when it comes to communicating about my business.  I’m writing at a time when I’ve procrastinated on this very thing…specifically, putting together a weekly blog and sharing it on social media.  “The first of July!” I proudly declared a few weeks ago-in my headNote the date today.  I decided there were other things that must be done before I could blog.  While that wasn’t a lie, I sure could have done things differently.  What things, you ask?

1. Say it out loud!

When I triumphantly declared that July 1st was going to be the day I began a weekly blog there was only one being who heard it…ME.  Well, me and my cowardly lion gremlin that often tries to keep me safe and small.  That guy was a captive audience who quickly gave me a must-do list that nearly derailed me.  If I had only said to one, two, or 10 people that my weekly blog was beginning, those voices of support and encouragement would have drowned out the naysayer in my mind.  Plus, there would have been an added layer of accountability…now others would have an expectation that I carry through on my words.  Even saying things out loud when you’re alone or with your dog is better than a declaration within your head. Plus dogs are so supportive…cats, well, that depends.

2. Write it Down

This saved me from getting completely derailed.  While I temporarily avoided writing the blog, I kept this goal on  my must-do list and made sure that all of the items on the list moved me toward the ultimate goal.  I continued for weeks with this very specific item-a weekly blog-on my list and each time I wrote it, I cringed with embarrassment and resolved to do better. Here I am….July 13th!  Woohoo!  Write the hard stuff down! On your list, on sticky notes around your home and office, in your journal-all the places! It’s another way of getting things out of your head and into action.  Remember to be kind.

3. Have an Inspiration Plan

Or have a few inspiration plans.  These are simple plans with go-to actions that will help you get hopeful again.  I have my inspirational play list that includes Doing the Unstuck among other songs.  I read aloud a collection of quotes that remind me of my goals and values.  Sometimes, I find stories of how others have overcome huge obstacles which puts my challenge into a different perspective.  Whatever your inspirations are, put a few quick plans together so you don’t stay stuck for too long.

Action is the Answer

Take action to get unstuck! These 3 hacks are not earth-shattering or new to many of you yet they serve as important reminders.  Speak, Write, Make Plans… Sing, Dance, Read, and Share!  And remember-the words we say to ourselves matter the most!

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