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Dear Established Small Business Owner…

Dear Established Small Business Owner,

I see you.

I see you going in a million different directions and the chaos within you. Although it feels like it will never end, please rest assured this is temporary and you have everything you need within yourself to work through this challenge.

I see you longing to grow in new directions and facing opposition and judgement from employees, clients, friends, and family. You’ve been here before, remember? When you started your business these folks showed up and tried to reinforce the small, scared voice in your head. Your perseverance and selective hearing got your business started and it’s still within you today-tap into it.

I see you as a whole person. You are a perfectly imperfect human being with dreams, goals, setbacks, hobbies, and loved ones. Your life has beautiful facets like a diamond-take time to appreciate all of these and all of you. Embrace how your professional and personal worlds merge and influence one another because you are one person with one amazing life to celebrate.



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