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Beasts, Bananas, & Bonanzas! Let’s Talk Transition.

I’m a cliché.  No, scratch that.  I’m a normal human being (I’ll pause for your laughter to subside).  I left my corporate job to be a full-time entrepreneur this year—a huge transition.  It would be a challenge but not so tough because I planned, faced a lot of fears, and was confident; I planned for all the crap that others don’t account for or underestimate. Right? Right!  WRONG. That is somewhat true but all is the critical word and there was no way on Earth I could have conceived, let alone planned for, all the crap. I also could not have planned for all the good things either.  Transition is a strange beast and I’m still in the process of taming it so I want to share my experience thus far in the spirit of solidarity among other normal human beings.  STOP LAUGHING…ok don’t, I wouldn’t either.

Cling for Dear Life!

Does anyone else cling to ideals like your life depends on it?  Holy cow, I do this like a champ. It’s great to have goals and focal points but I go the extra mile of attaching ideal outcomes to these and hold onto them to an unproductive point. An example is profit as it relates to the IRS.  I was taught that I needed to make a profit preferably in 3 years to avoid an audit and definitely within 5 years to avoid the ‘hobby’ label.  Profit came in year two and I got it stuck in my head that I had to increase it every year or I’d be audited or the sky would fall or whatever.

My business has changed quite a bit during this transition and, in many ways, I had to begin again.  Making a bigger profit than last year was an obsession and I nearly accepted work that was not relevant to the brand I’m creating.  This had nothing to do with me making a living or my financial responsibilities because those are covered.  It was solely about ideals for taxes, the IRS, and looking good to my accountant.

Bananas to Bonanzas!

Far too much time and energy were wasted by clinging on to an ideal profit margin and I was driving myself and my husband bananas. I created a desperation that I know others felt in my networking and sales conversations. Not what I want for myself and it sure didn’t help my bottom line.

This clingy energy had to stop so I accepted that I may not meet my ideal. I journaled about the conversation I might have with my accountant which was really me having a tough conversation with myself. Writing is great for this and reading it aloud was beneficial for me—uncomfortable but beneficial.  All part of my transition process. I now feel my confidence growing and the wiry energy dissipating with every business conversation.

Bonanza– noun

  1. a rich mass of ore, as found in mining.
  2. a source of great and sudden wealth or luck; a spectacular windfall

More referrals and consultations for relevant work have been coming my way. My outlook and energy are completely different—no more going bananas. We’ve all read a gazillion pieces about the power of letting go and, while it may sound cliché, it’s true. The more I let go of my ideal plus the worry and expectations around it, the more capacity I have for opportunities and bonanzas!

I feel like there’s gotta be a joke about a beast finding a bonanza of bananas somewhere.  No?


  1. Melissa Donovan

    This was a wonderful blog and something I think many of us do. I know I am guilty of it. Thanks for putting this out there and glad things are turning around and working out for you!

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